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Massage Therapist Job Opportunities and Earning Potential

When I was in back rub school I would have given anything for somebody to offer me a straight response about what sort of openings for work were in reality out there and all the more critically, what sort of cash I could make. In normal back rub school design I got "The conceivable outcomes are huge" and "You can make whatever you make." While both of these are pleasant musings in expansive grandiose manner, neither of them gave me what I truly needed: reality.

Through a progression of odd conditions I have worked in pretty much every part of this industry and would now be able to respond to a portion of those inquiries. It would be ideal if you understand that my encounters are novel to my conditions and this article is just intended to give general thoughts.

Journey Ship

In the same way as other doe looked at youngsters entering back rub school, I fantasized taking a shot at a journey ship and seeing the world. In contrast to a considerable lot of those individuals, I really proceeded with it. This was around 5 years back and things might be (and ideally are) diverse now, however here is my experience.

I was offered a situation with a major spa journey ship organization a while before I moved on from school. Since this was my first work in the business I didn't generally mind what I would have been making, I simply needed the experience. After I graduated and passed my national test I was given a beginning date. Be in England for preparing on September 15. Goodness and coincidentally, purchase your own ticket here and bring a lot of cash since it's extremely costly to be here for the conceivable 2 a month and a half before we place you on a ship. I began my new position $2000 in the red.

On the real deliver I was just paid per treatment. You work from 8am to 8pm doing medicines and after that from 8pm to 10pm cleaning the spa and preparing for the following day. In the event that you subtract your 2 hour snacks and your 1 vacation day seven days it ends up being around 72 hours per week. On the off chance that you work for the universal boats (as I did) and not the US ships (like the ones in Hawaii) they don't need to follow US work laws and you don't get paid extra time for the inconceivable measure of hours you put in.

On a normal day I would complete 8 back rubs. I got $7 per rub in addition to all things considered a $10 tip. On the off chance that you sold item (which was THE most significant thing to them) you got something like 5%. I am not a sales rep so this didn't make a difference to me. Despite the fact that I was addressed day by day by the Spa Director since you HAVE to attempt to offer to each customer and you HAVE to hit your business standard. It's something incredible like $300/day. So how about we figure it out. $17 x 8 medicines = $136/day x 6 days = $816/week. Gap that by 72 hours and it works out to be somewhat over $11/hour. Also you have no lease and free nourishment. Also, incidentally, it will take you a while to physically and rationally recuperate from this experience. I nearly quit the business.


Numerous hotels are regular. Since I was youthful and unattached, I could move suddenly so this worked out well for me. In the winter I would work at a major ski resort and in the mid year I would go to a major golf and spa resort or evaluate whatever irregular back rub employment happened to be accessible at the time.


Numerous spots pay rates since it implies that they possibly need to pay you when you are profiting for them. The up side to this technique is that when you are working, you normally get a great rate. I would state that I earned somewhere in the range of $50-$75/hr (this incorporate rate and tip) when I was paid along these lines. (These hotels ordinarily charge $125+ for an hour knead. The acquiring potential in a day spa would be far less) the drawback is that you won't generally have work. I would have a $400 day and after that occasionally not labor for a few days. On account of ski resorts you have around 2-3 months where you profit and the remainder of the time you don't make anything. This is fine on the off chance that you figure out how to spending plan. Many feel that they make such a great amount during the bustling time that it legitimizes the nothing they set aside a few minutes. My twice regularly scheduled checks went from $200 to $2000. In uncommon cases I have known about advisors that discover resorts that are occupied all year and they profit. I have never worked at such a spot and, that situation isn't normal.

The other thing you need to consider with this strategy is whether you are a worker or a self employed entity. I favored being a worker since they take your duties out for you and offer a few advantages. Self employed entities need to save cash from each check for charges and more often than not have no advantages.

Hourly + Tip

When I previously took a hotel work that paid $8/hr in addition to tip I wasn't generally intrigued with the way that I was giving an administration that they were charging $150 for and I was just getting $8. I before long altered my perspective when I understood that I was getting paid $8/hr when I was perched on my butt and a normal of $28/hr when I was doing medications. (There was a programmed $20 tip on each treatment and customers had the alternative of including more) This was the most I at any point made in a half year (around $22,000) and I had unfaltering checks. I should include that I was working there during the bustling summer months and presumably would not have done about so well in the winter.

Day Spas

There are such a significant number of elements in the amount you can make at a day spa. On the off chance that you manufacture a customers and are genuinely bustling you can make a normal of $20/hr. In my general vicinity the normal is about $15/hr with certain advisors making significantly increasingly, somewhere in the range of much less. With resorts so near me I never needed to investigate this road

Medicinal Spa

The normal medicinal spa compensation differs significantly. When I worked at a medicinal spa I had 5 years of experience and was a back rub advisor, esthetician and laser professional. I made $40,000/yr in addition to tips. This is an exceptionally uncommon situation. Most medicinal spas pay about equivalent to day spas except if you have some propelled preparing.


Most chiropractors I've conversed with compensation around $11/hr in addition to tips. You typically need to do some office work on the off chance that you don't have customers. I worked for a chiropractor for a brief span and enjoyed it. For me it simply didn't come close to the cash and the environment of a retreat spa yet numerous advisors like to work in an increasingly easygoing, clinical setting.

Spa Management

As an associate spa chief at a major lodging I made $25,000/yr with the alternative of doing medications over that for additional pay. I never had opportunity. As a spa executive I made $40,000/yr. I've seen spa executives make somewhere in the range of $30,000 to $70,000/yr. As I would like to think no measure of cash merits the pressure engaged with running a multi-million dollar spa and overseeing 20+ workers. I returned to being a specialist.

Back rub Schools

I worked at a back rub school after I had been in the business for two or three years. My arms required a break and I figured it would be an incredible supplemental class. I made about $20/hr and I making the most of my activity. At last I missed working in the real field. I likewise thought that it was baffling that schools as a rule overlook certain certainties so as not to demoralize you from spending the $12,000 on educational cost. I will talk about those certainties in a later article.

Independently employed

Its loads of diligent work and not excessively a lot of cash when you think about lease, items, advertising, and so on yet you make your own timetable and you don't need to reply to anybody. In the event that you buckle down and can develop an unfaltering customer base, it's well justified, despite all the trouble. It is difficult to evaluate profit on this. It relies upon the amount you charge, what your costs are and how hard you're willing to function to get customers. This has by a wide margin been the best choice for me.

I trust this has given you a decent take a gander at the choices that are out there. This is an extreme industry to work in. You need to strive to get authorized and much harder to land the great positions. I saw such huge numbers of individuals go to class feeling that when they graduated there would be businesses agreeing with offers and customers.

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